As you, your customers, and your vendors rely more and more on electronic communications, your data center grows in importance. Most obviously, you will need the capacity to securely store transaction data, proposals, client/prospect/vendor records, and millions of related files. Yet, just as essential is the ability to access such records and expand the network as your business grows.

Building From the Ground Up

Being allotted unfinished space for a data center is a blessing and a curse. While it is generally easier to create anew, the frequently unspoken pressure looming over the project is that you had better get it right the first time. Because there will be no opportunity for a do-over. Carefully allowing for whether you own the space, lease it, are co-locating or building on-site, Smartwire solutions:

  • Incorporate the equipment best suited to your needs—including racks, cabinets, copper, and fiber cabling
  • Ensure power requirements and cooling strategies are flexible enough to meet needs today and in the future
  • Are rapidly deployed to meet customer deadlines

Maximizing Existing Conditions

Sometimes, a fresh start is not possible for a couple of years, yet your current configuration is strained far beyond acceptable levels. Smartwire is well-versed in streamlining and enhancing networks to:

  • Declutter your existing cage with cabinet and rack solutions that foster clear pathways
  • Eliminate service issues such as labeling challenges, patch cord tracing, connectivity constraints, etc—while allowing for maximum uptime
  • Produce clean designs that effectively balance the available space with the equipment you need

A Full-service Partnership

Once you make the investment in new servers, equipment and cabling, and you have agreed to a design that makes the most of your space, it is time to put the plans in motion. That is, build, install, and connect it all. To help customers bridge the gap between concept and go-live, Smartwire:

  • Offers a rack and stack service in which it installs all of the hardware, technology, and cabling—essentially handing you the keys once everything is humming
  • Confirms that the new network—once it is up and running—is meeting expectations
  • Stands by to scale up and build out new capacity as your data center needs expand
After many years and multiple large scale projects of utilizing Smartwire for our structured cabling needs, I have been consistently pleased! They regularly produce a high quality product that I am proud to show off. I have also found they are very responsive and remain focused on customer service. Smartwire will remain our structured cabling company of choice!
Troy Edwards, Datalogix
Smartwire is by far, the most exceptional network cabling company I have worked with in my career! And I’ve worked with numerous other firms in my 29 years in the field. From the owners to the administrative and technical staffs, they consistently provide exceptional quality and consistency in their work. These are the kind of people I enjoy doing business with, and they do it with a smile and winning attitude! I highly recommend this company if you want the best in quality and services for your data centers. They go the extra mile for their customers, and back everything they do with integrity and great customer service.
Chris Ketchum, Cricket Wireless
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